German Exams

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Lesson 2 : introduce yourself

How to introduce yourself

Lesson 3 : First meeting

Meet new people What do you say?

Lesson 4 : Bestimmter Artikel - Nominative

Bestimmter Artikel in the Nominative form
Der, die or das?

Lesson 5 : Pluralform

Learn the rule of plural nouns in German

Lesson 6 : Personalpronomen

Learn the personal pronouns in German

Lesson 7 : Numbers in the German language

You will learn numbers in German, how to pronounce and write them

Lesson 8 : Possessivpronomen im nominativ

You will learn possessive pronouns in nominativ case in the German language ...

Unbestimmter Artikel - Nominative

Unbestimmter Artikel in the Nominative form Ein , Eine?